Beginner Ballet/Barre:

Adult Beginner Ballet/Barre is an introduction to classical ballet techniques and barre work. No prior dance experience is needed. Classes begin with floor work where the focus will mainly be on flexibility. Barre work focuses on strengthening the correct muscle groups for proper form and alignment, which ultimately prepares the student for floor work where balance, strength, and form coalesce without the aid of the barre. This class is designed to slowly familiarize the student with ballet form and terminology, at the pace and comfort of the individual.


This is class for simple, whole body stretches for Flexibility and Strength.

Fuego Fusion:

For fitness and fun! This class uses a foundation of jazz while fusing movements from tribal african dances, belly dancing, bollywood, native american pow-wow, and others.

Also meets on the last Friday of every month for a free, open community class for the entire family!


Cash and Checks accepted! Please come into our location to discuss pricing.

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